Registered Nurse Immigration Guide

This is a guide for the immigration of foreign-born registered nurses who want to work in the US and for healthcare employers who wish to sponsor them.

Registered nurses are classified by the US Department of Labor as a Schedule A shortage occupation which makes it easier for RNs (and Physical Therapists) to immigrate to the US than for persons in other occupations. A foreign-born RN must take the NCLEX examination (and sometimes the CGFNS examination), obtain a VisaScreen certificate and be sponsored by a US employer in order to immigrate to the US.

Our law firm has immigrated over 10,000 registered nurses to work in the hospitals across United States over the past 30 years. We represent over 100 hospitals and other health care providers.

We hope that this page demystifies the process of immigration for nurses, their employers and nurse recruiters. We provide numerous articles and links which explain how to submit a visa petition to employ a foreign-born RN, discuss the VisaScreen requirements which include credentialing and English-language proficiency tests, and enable readers to contact nurse licensing boards.


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“I am an Internationally Educated Nurse petitioned by US employer and the Law Offices of Carl Shusterman helped me throughout the entire process of my IV application. They were extremely thorough with regard to the instructions and the steps that I needed.”

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Immigration for Registered Nurses is divided into the following subtopics:

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