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There are over 270 Immigration Judges in Immigration Courts nationwide. Immigration Judges determine removability and rule on applications for relief from removal (asylum, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, waivers, etc.)

Our deportation defense attorneys Jennifer Cohn Rozdzielski and Giselle Sotelo have many years of experience representing of our clients in Immigration Courts and in Federal Courts across the United States. The decisions of Immigration Judges are final unless timely appealed or certified to the Board of Immigration Appeals. Immigration Courts However, some decisions can be reopened or reconsidered. This page links to the contact information for all Immigration Courts and gives you access to the Immigration Court Practice Manual. It allows you to gain information about all Immigration Judges across the U.S.


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“My family and I were clients of Mr. Carl Shusterman and I can honestly say that he had a tremendous impact on our lives – a very positive one. Even when my parents had been denied and they had been told to pack and get out of this country, Mr. Shusterman rushed to find an alternative in order to ensure that my parents could stay.”

- Diana Cabrera, Reno, Nevada
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Immigration Courts is divided into the following subsections:

Winning Your Case in Immigration Court Videos

  • Winning Your Case in Immigration Court Learn how to win your case in Immigration Court. The government must first prove that you are deportable from the US. Are you eligible to apply for adjustment for status, waivers, asylum, cancellation of removal or registry?





  • Asylum: Winning Your Case A person with a “well-founded fear” of persecution if they return to their home country may apply for asylum before the USCIS and a person in removal proceedings may apply for asylum before an Immigration Judge.





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